BID Member Messages

December 14, 2017

Congratulations to Sharon Sailor and John O’Brien, our newly elected Business Improvement District Board members.  We are fortunate to have two more engaged business people join our existing BID Board and we are looking forward to working closely with them on the mission of the BID and on behalf of our members in making Greenport an even better place to do business.  Also re-elected were Richard Vandenburgh, David Abatelli and Kim Loper, and with their continued commitment our entire board is very excited for the year ahead.

October 21, 2017

To our BID Membership:

Please be advised that we have received an update from the Village as to the status of the work being performed on the  widening of Main Street. Work is progressing and we are approximately halfway to the finish line. With work continuing on the west side of street, the contractor has been instructed to try and minimize the demolition and re-construction in smaller segments so as to avoid the scope of incomplete work each weekend.  The forecast has been given that all work (other than plantings in the rain garden areas) will be completed before Thanksgiving.  The rain garden planting work will be completed in the spring.  

Despite the anticipated and obvious inconveniences that have and probably will continue to occur, the end result of this improvement project will make this area of the village safer for vehicles and pedestrians alike.  So let us all continue to be as patient and as cooperative as we can as we move toward the conclusion of this improvement to the place we work, shop and live.  

September 20, 2017

The long-awaited and much-needed widening and street improvements in the area of Main Street will begin in late September or early October. Updates on the duration of the project will be sent as they are received from the Village of Greenport. 

This project will result in much safer vehicle navigation and create new curbs, handicapped access, vegetation areas and water management zones. It will also revamp the parking access and flow of the Adams Street parking lot with increased safety and no net loss of parking spots. (Links to several of the plans are listed below.)

The village is working closely with the contractor to insure as little disruption as possible with detouring traffic patterns kept to minimum whenever possible. 

But let’s face it, there is going to be disruption for a period of time until this significant project is completed and Main Street gets its facelift. 

So please be patient, plan for the limited disruption of normal, day-to-day operations and embrace working together as a team wherever we can to make this part of the Business District better.

Plans (Click to view PDF)

Main Street Rain Garden 1
Main Street Rain Garden 2
Adams Street Parking Lot
Main Street – Park Street Area


June 28, 2017

The Business Improvement District (BID) is pleased to announce that in conjunction with the Village of Greenport, new trash cans that are aesthetically more pleasing and represent a unification of style have been installed throughout the downtown BID area.

The challenge and goal of keeping the streets and sidewalks in front of your business clean are extremely important to the BID and we are working closely with the Village to insure that these cans are serviced and emptied on a regular basis.

The BID asks that we all work as a team in helping in this process and would further ask that you alert the Village Administrator or your closest BID Board Member if you see problem locations or issues in our collective effort to achieve the goal of keeping Downtown Greenport Clean.


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