Front Street, Greenport, NY 11944

The term “camera obscura” is derived from the Latin words for “room” and “dark.” The camera obscura demonstrates a natural effect of physics wherein if a small hole is made in the wall of a completely darkened room, an inverted image of the scene outside the window will be produced on the opposite wall of the room.

Mitchell Park’s camera obscura, designed by leading architecture firm SHOP, brings together a curious combination of ancient and new technology, having been built entirely out of digitally fabricated components. The camera was designed entirely as a 3D computer model, and the pieces were laser cut and assembled as a kit. Every piece of wood, steel, and aluminum – 750 in total – is custom-made and completely unique.

Through an optical lens and a mirror, a live image of the camera’s surroundings is projected down on to a flat circular table that raises or lowers to adjust focal depth, giving people inside a 360-degree panorama of what’s happening outside. As the lens rotates, you’ll be able to see in clear precision the Village’s quaint streets, boats drifting on the water, and visitors enjoying the waterfront park. You can control the lens itself from inside the camera via a box equipped with a joy stick.

Viewing is best when daylight is strongest.

Hours of operation are limited. Please call 631 477-2200 for information.


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